As a CPA for more than 25 years, my experience included public accounting and CFO positions focused on closely held businesses. I enjoyed facilitating shareholder and board meetings, coaching leaders and managers and facilitating collaboration between teams.

Adding a Master’s in Psychology and training as a Certified Leadership Coach, I work with a variety of issues.

  • Change Management
  • Career and Life Transitions
  • Organizational Conflict
  • Manager and Leader coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Relationship issues

I work with clients who are ready for change. I offer resources for reading and between session assignments. Some of the complaints my clients have brought to me are:

• I can’t get anyone to buy into my idea

• My career seems to be at a standstill

• I’m not getting enough from my people

• I am overwhelmed and feel like I’m going to burnout

• We struggle with communicating even on things that seem simple

• We have a strategy, but no one is making it happen

• I just moved into a new role and I want to make sure I succeed

• I know we need to grow, but that seems like so much more work for me.

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